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    Germany Auerbach Heat Technology Co., Ltd. is a large European company which specialized in manufacturing home heating and hot water products and has more than half a century’s history in designing and manufacturing products.



    Auerbach was born in Germany in 1920s, after 90 years’ development, now Auerbach has become a time-honored brand. The wall hanging furnace and water heater of Auerbach sale very well and are famous all over the world ,what’s more, they have been the leader of European household heating and hot water products, their core heating technology has allowed the company to become one of Europe's biggest producer. The company's branch offices and partners are widely distributed in Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, and Turkey. Auerbach has established sales companies in more than 20 countries and they export products to more than 60 countries.



    Auerbach has consistently adhered to sale his qualified, efficient, low carbon, and environmentally friendly products to China, to meet the needs of the Chinese market. For consideration of the global strategic and confidence in the Chinese market, in 2003 ,the company began to promote products on the Chinese market, started to sale his nine models of five series wall mounted gas boiler products , to meet the different needs of users throughout China. We have many different specifications and grades of the boiler and the water heater products to meet different user demand for heating, which greatly improved the competitiveness of Auerbach in the Chinese market.



    By the united strength and effort of China agents, Auerbach has sold more than 80000 sets products in China, which has run top of the domestic boiler list for several years, thus being a continuation of Auerbach sales in the European market. For ten years, Auerbach has been highly praised by the developer and the users consistently!



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